Peka night

The preparation of dishes ” under the bell” is a traditional way of cooking in Dalmatia. The food is half cooked and falf baked in its sauces, so the flavour and scents of the dish are especially accentuated. Peka is placed at the top of Dalmatian cuisine. Originally the food was placed on a clay tray  and put on the fire of high-calorie wood. The food is put in a shallow dish and covered with iron lid ( bell). The bell has got a special edge that keeps live coals and thus makes high temperature inside the bell. It reminds us of modern roast meat but being prepared in such a way it   has different flavours and scents.  Hidden amongst Korčulan greenery there is a spot where you can witness the preparation of peka and try food prepared this old way.

Here is the menue we have prepared for you:

  • Traditional cold plate: Dalmatian Prosciutto, Home made sausage, Cheeses (several types of goats and cows), Marinated vegetables, salty fish Bread(several types)
  • Peka (traditional method of cooking) Lamb, Veal,Chicken with Potatoes Seasonal salad
  • Desert Traditional cake (chocolate or fruit depending on the availability of fresh ingredients)

All dishes will be presented in detail and explained by the chef

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Return transfer, dinner, chef presentation and explanation