Meet, feell and taste Korčula

Tour begins with Korcula old town and its surrouding panorama. Upon arriving to Korcula lady Francesca (mistress of Marco Polo) will guide you through the town and the time when Marco Polo lived. This tour will end with ice-cream tasting that Marco Polo brought to Europe upon his return from China. At this point we are going back to the ship and sailing towards island of Badija  where you will visit Franciscan Monastery from 14th century and meet deers that inhabit this island. After this visit you will have enough time to take a swim. Later we will sail towards Vrnik. Vrnik is  the only inhabited island in this archipelago First we will visit two quarries. The stone was used for the buildings in Korčula, Dubrovnik, Aja Sofija, Washington and many other famous buildings in Croatia and all around the world. It is the highest-quality white stone.You will have time for swimming on his beautiful little pebble beaches. it’s time for authentic dalmatian lunch After swimming, lunch and enjoying we are continuing to a place where naval battle happened upon which Marco Polo was captured. Beutiful day we will finish with sloly cruise between Island Korčula and peninsula Pelješac with one more glass of wine.

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: ship cruise, old town Korcula sightseeing, ice-cream tasting, enter fee to Franciscan Monastery, enter fee  for museum on Vrnik , lunch,  tour guide