History of Pošip

Pošip is a sort of white wine originally grown on Korčula, the island can boast of wine growing tradition from the times of Old Greeks. Pošip is the first Croatian white wine with protected designation of origin, stemming from 1967. It is best grown of protected plots of Čara and Smokvica, where it always has superior quality. Densly planted vineyards, leaning and terraced terrains demand traditional manual work.

The best way to experience the rich history of Pošip is to visit authentic local winery in Smokvica. We invite you to immerse yourself in a unique island lifestyle and explore the unparalleled taste of Pošip copled with other finest local specialties.

We are prepare for you walking through the vineyards of Pošip, tasting and presentation of 5 wines autochthonous varieties and lunch. The presentation consists of the presentation of each individual variety, the history of wineries and winemaking on the island of Korčula, introduction to the production processes during the creation of each individual wine.

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: vehicle with driver / licensed local tourist guide,  wine tasting, lunch , bottle of water