City tour Korčula with lady Francheska

The old heart of the town has been fascinating for a large number of tourists. It is a hometown of a seaman and travel writer Marko Polo and we believe it should be seen from a different perspective, presented by his mistress, Lady Franchesca. His life surely was not monotonous ( he travelled for about twenty-four years, passing some twety-five thousand kilometres and bringing various oriental wonders into our world) and presented through the eyes of the time-witness, it will be most amusing for you. The man who has changed a course of history and gastronomy was a heart breaker, as well, and it is up to you to find out whose heart he had broken. Learn interesting things about his hometown and customs of the time  through his not so publicly known private life. Lady Franchesca s story will triger your imagination and senses.


  • The guide dressed as Lady Franchesca, the mistress of Marko Polo
  • Thematically adapted city tour

HISTORICAL AND OTHER FACTS – as the basis of the tour

  • Marko Polo ( 1254, Korčula – 1324, Venice)
  • He brought spaghetti, ice-cram, various spics, dynamit from Asia to Europe)

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: professional guidance of lady Franchesca, bottle of water

ADDITIONAL PAYMENT: museum Marko Polo tower (3,00 € per pax)