Beer bally on Korčula

There is a unique small brewery in a beautiful  family restaurant in Žrnovo, Korčula. It has been there for a couple of years now, but only lately has it really flourished. Three sorts of original Korčulan beer are produced there – golden ale, heffeweize and brown ale. You can enjoy their refreshing flavours on the terrace of the restaurant, sitting under a huge almond tree, or inside a restaurant decorated with a combination of wood, iron and stone carved the way it was done by local stonemasons in the mid twentieth century.

The reastaurant is famous not only for its beer but also its grill. You can enjoy high quality grilled meat and fish. Croatian meat cut,  fish fillets and other sea food go hand in hand with  seasonal  vegetables grown in local gardens that are in the vicinity of the restaurant. Fish smoked according to a family recipe is also on offer and, naturally, smoked ham, smoked sausages and various sorts of cheese.

We have created two meals for you with which you can try all three sorts of beer:


  • Scones with fish pate and prosciutto- rucola spread
  • Grilled meat and vegetables with fries
  • Coffee
  • 3 x 0,1l + 1 x 0,3l beer

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Return transfer, lunch or dinner, beer tasting